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1365-1 Iwazo Utsunomiya Tochigi 321-0973 Japan
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Our predecessors made most of the daily necessities from wood and plant fibres that eventually return to the soil without burdening the natural environment. And along with the lifestyle change, our predecessors continuously adopted these little changes to have them fit into our lives. We believe aru products stand as an exten- sion of such ingenuity. In modern life, we appreciate the value of what has been formed by predecessors, to which we wish to return once again. We would like to carefully create things in a natural material that touches people’s hands and make people ex- perience true comfort. We made this a rule and the way of manu- facturing we have chosen.
“Possibly an ideal life could have been like this.”
aru is to create a scene in which people want to cherish their life. If there are people who look for calm, warm or peaceful moments, we believe that the collections produced by aru will soon be able to share lives with many of those people.

aru owner Yasufumi & Makiko Takahashi