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Lever handle S

lever_h_s_cut2_oak.jpg Oak lever_h_s_cut2_cherry.jpg Cherry lever_h_s_cut2_walnut.jpg Walnut lever_h_s_cut2_black.jpg Black stain lever_h_s_cut2_blue.jpg Japanese indigo lever_h_s_cut3_oak.jpg Oak lever_h_s_cut3_cherry.jpg Cherry lever_h_s_cut3_walnut.jpg Walnut lever_h_s_cut3_black.jpg Black stain lever_h_s_cut3_blue.jpg Japanese indigo
lever_h_s_cut1_oak.jpg Oak ever_h_s_cut1_cherry.jpg Cherry lever_h_s_cut1_walnut.jpg Walnut lever_h_s_cut1_black.jpg Black stain lever_h_s_cut1_blue.jpg Japanese indigo kt01lh-scene2.jpg kt01lh-scene1.jpg

The lever handles, which are small but full of richness and are frequently used in various architectural spaces in the same vocabulary as the pull handles and pull plates, were made by machining from solid wood, which had never been done before. The precision of the machining and the ingenuity of the wood treatment have resulted in precision, strength and beauty of grain. A metal ring the same size as the handle diameter is used for the door attachment, eliminating friction with the door and providing a minimalist fit. Size S is recommended for installation in compact areas such as sanitary rooms and storage doors. The rich wood of the M size with a longer handle and the handcrafted details of the smooth metal joints are unique to aru. Recommended for children's rooms and other private door handles.

Designer:Keiji Takeuchi
Size:H32 × D66 × W105, Metal ring φ30×4
Weigth [g]:300g / 2P+Metal fittings
Material:Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Black stain(MTO)
Technique:Carved from solid wood

※・Internal lock mechanism is not included. Please prepare a matching mechanism with 8mm square metal rod for use.
 ・Please check what's the door or wall thickness (mm) before to order.
 ・Black stain takes 5 weeks to dyeing-finish.
 ・Please contact us about price and delivering day of Japanese indigo.
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Ridge Keiji Takeuchi Pull handle S

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Ridge Keiji Takeuchi Lever handle S

Lever handle S


Ridge Keiji Takeuchi Lever handle M

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