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Pull handle S

434mm_p_handle_01_oak.jpg Oak 434mm_p_handle_01_cherry.jpg Cherry 434mm_p_handle_01_walnut.jpg Walnut 434mm_p_handle_01_black.jpg Black stain 434mm_p_handle_01_blue.jpg Japanese indigo 434mm_p_handle_01_oak_h.jpg Oak 434mm_p_handle_01_cherry_h.jpg Cherry 434mm_p_handle_01_walnut_h.jpg Walnut 434mm_p_handle_01_black_h.jpg Black stain 434mm_p_handle_01_blue_h.jpg Japanese indigo
435mm_p_handle_oak-up-1685.jpg Oak 435mm_p_handle_cherry-up1685.jpg Cherry 435mm_p_handle_walnt-up-1685.jpg Walnut 435mm_p_handle_black-up1685.jpg Black stain 435mm_p_handle_blue-up1685.jpg Japanese indigo 434-o-ex1.jpg 434-o-ex2.jpg 434-o-ex3.jpg 434-w-ex1n.jpg 434-w-ex1h.jpg

We paid particular attention to the shape of the handle's cross-section, focusing on the sensation of hold tightly rather than just having. The design has a richness that can only be achieved by carving solid wood, from the high, slightly angled 72mm legs and seamless, detailing of the handle to the bulge that appears to have been pushed from within the solid wood. We recommend this design to add warmth to wooden, glass or steel doors. The simple design fits any door or sliding door, whether wood, glass or metal, regardless of the material or location. It is suggested for public spaces such as shops, libraries, offices, hotels and restaurants. The slightly inverted arched handle provides a 36-40mm gap, making it very useful as handrail for entrance and sanitary.

Designer:Keiji Takeuchi
Size:H434 × D72 × W39
Material:Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Black stain (MTO)
Technique:Carved from solid wood
Weigth [g]:900g / 2P+Metal fittings

※・Please check what's the door or wall thickness (mm) before to order.
 ・Black stain takes 5 weeks to dyeing-finish.
 ・Please contact us about price and delivering day of Japanese indigo.
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Pull handle S


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