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Pull plate M

cut3_kt01pp135o_1123x1685.jpg Oak cut3_kt01pp135c_1123x1685.jpg Cherry cut3_kt01pp135w_1123x1685(updated).jpg Walnut cut3_kt01pp135b_1123x1685.jpg Black stain cut3_kt01pp135j_1123x1685.jpg Japanese indigo p_plate_m_cut2_oak_h.jpg Oak p_plate_m_cut2_cherry_h.jpg Cherry p_plate_m_cut2_walnut_h.jpg Walnut p_plate_m_cut2_black_h.jpg Black stain p_plate_m_cut2_blue_h.jpg Japanese indigo
cut1_kt01pp135o_1123x1685.jpg Oak cut1_kt01pp135c_1123x1685.jpg Cherry cut1_kt01pp135w_1123x1685(updated).jpg Walnut cut1_kt01pp135b_1123x1685.jpg Black stain cut1_kt01pp135j_1123x1685.jpg Japanese indigo cut2_kt01pp135o_1123x1685.jpg Oak cut2_kt01pp135c_1123x1685.jpg Cherry cut2_kt01pp135w_1123x1685.jpg Walnut cut2_kt01pp135b_1123x1685.jpg Black stain cut2_kt01pp135j_1123x1685.jpg Japanese indigo

A plump pull plate that becomes the face of the door with a surface as plump as a Go stone. The minimalist and solid design is a modern reinterpretation of the nostalgic and soft doorplates once found in public buildings and hospitals. The back of the door plate is indented, leading to a cantilevered door mount, which is compact, but allows fingers to rest securely on the plate. The door sign will become an iconic and eye-catching feature of your shop. The design has been carefully crafted into a natural shape, with particular attention paid to the feel of the plate on the fingers and palms when pulled and pushed respectively. Every time you touch it, you will feel a sense of comfort and you will look forward to opening the door. It is recommended to add warmth to spaces that heal and nourish the body, such as sauna rooms, clinics and nurseries.

Designer:Keiji Takeuchi
Size:H135 × D62 × W105
Weigth [g]:750g / 2P+Metal fittings
Material:Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Black stain (MTO)
Technique:Carved from solid wood

※・Please check what's the door or wall thickness (mm) before to order.
 ・Black stain takes 5 weeks to dyeing-finish.
 ・Please contact us about price and delivering day of Japanese indigo.
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