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Pull plate M

cut3_kt01pp135o_1123x1685.jpg Oak cut3_kt01pp135c_1123x1685.jpg Cherry cut3_kt01pp135w_1123x1685(updated).jpg Walnut cut3_kt01pp135b_1123x1685.jpg Black stain cut3_kt01pp135j_1123x1685.jpg Japanese indigo p_plate_m_cut2_oak_h.jpg Oak p_plate_m_cut2_cherry_h.jpg Cherry p_plate_m_cut2_walnut_h.jpg Walnut p_plate_m_cut2_black_h.jpg Black stain p_plate_m_cut2_blue_h.jpg Japanese indigo
cut1_kt01pp135o_1123x1685.jpg Oak cut1_kt01pp135c_1123x1685.jpg Cherry cut1_kt01pp135w_1123x1685(updated).jpg Walnut cut1_kt01pp135b_1123x1685.jpg Black stain cut1_kt01pp135j_1123x1685.jpg Japanese indigo cut2_kt01pp135o_1123x1685.jpg Oak cut2_kt01pp135c_1123x1685.jpg Cherry cut2_kt01pp135w_1123x1685.jpg Walnut cut2_kt01pp135b_1123x1685.jpg Black stain cut2_kt01pp135j_1123x1685.jpg Japanese indigo

Designer:Keiji Takeuchi
Size:H135 × D62 × W105
Weigth [g]:750g / 2P+Metal fittings
Material:Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Black stain (MTO)
Technique:Carved from solid wood

※・Please check what's the door or wall thickness (mm) before to order.
 ・Black stain takes 5 weeks to dyeing-finish.
 ・Please contact us about price and delivering day of Japanese indigo.
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Ridge Keiji Takeuchi Pull handle M

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Ridge Keiji Takeuchi Pull plate S

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Ridge Keiji Takeuchi Pull plate M

Pull plate M


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